Ingleton appointments are at the clinic in Room 21, The iCentre, Back Gate, Ingleton LA6 3BU. Please click here to book online. If you require a home visit, please contact me on 07775 691131 so that I can ensure your slot reflects travel time.

Each session lasts one hour and costs £45. Cash, cheque, card or BACS payments accepted. There are discounts for members of sports clubs and for members of MREW teams.

If you would like to discuss your requirements before booking please call me on 07775 691131 or email me by clicking here.

[If you are experiencing signs of Covid-19 symptoms, (defined by the NHS here) or have been exposed to a confirmed case, please postpone your visit until your recovery or isolation period is complete.

Please wear a mask to your appointment.

I apologise in advance but there will be many questions that have to be asked that will seem repetitive to say the least. I am not trying to be obtuse but we are where we are. If this is what it takes to operate in this brave new world, so be it.]