I treat every body. From extreme gardeners to serious weekend warriors to elite athletes; everyone will benefit from a sport or therapeutic massage. Recent clients say:

Thank you Becca for this morning’s session and for really understanding and explaining the issues with my back and neck (and that’s just for starters!!) Will absolutely be booking again for the next time your south bound!! CS (Dec 2018)

I went to see Becca as I was having problems with my back. Had a great massage and some simple exercises to do. My back is much better and I have been back for a follow up session. I can highly recommend her. PH (Nov 2018)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my massage at High Trenhouse. I took your advice and have been going each week for treatments. It is becoming a little easier to move. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I can begin Physio and Pilates. Have a wonderful weekend.  Kxx ( Oct 2018)

Thanks Becca, you always manage to sort my back out after cycling and DIY antics.  KA (Sept 2018)

Ace treatment. Very little pain this morning. Thank you. JH (November 2015)

So have had a busy training day – 4.5 mile run ….. – 20 mile bike – 2 mile road run – with the last mile taking 6.3 mins. All feels amazing – now off to do my stretches, plank, heel lift and clams – you are a genius!! Was really worried for a bit, but if today is anything to go by, I’m a happy bunny xxxx. IP (March 2015)

Thank you for yesterday’s massage. You are a miracle worker you’ve even cleared my cold up. SK (Jan 2015)

You can make backs and necks better, which to me was super magic . SW (Jan 2015)

Hi Bex, Thanks for assisting me with my injury at the last Human Race duathlon. Recovery was quick! So great job! RS (Dec 2014)


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