This girl can!


Sport England has launched a new campaign aiming to address the gender gap between men and women exercising regularly in England.  Two million fewer women exercise regularly than men; this applies across all age groups and is predicted to grow. Yet between the ages of 14 and 40, over 75% of girls and women want to exercise more.

This campaign has been created to encourage more girls and women in England to participate in exercise regularly by changing attitudes and behaviour across the country, across age groups. It has long been shown in research that whilest there is a desire to be more active this is tempered by assumptions about how young women will be viewed by their peers, how they feel about themselves during and after activity and by attitudes to performance.

So this campaign is all about feeling in control, just doing it for your own benefit. What ever “it” is; the artwork and tv ad feature girls doing all sorts of things. From, Zumba to cycling to running to climbing they are up to all sorts. The even kick balls (“get over it”). But there’s more to campaigns than the visuals.

Where will these ads be viewed? If they are being placed in fitness magazines and on the in-gym tv channels, then it may be preaching to the converted.  It has already been described as sexist and sex focussed on the basis of a viewing in a gym setting. But if the target audience is those not currently exercising, then the gym setting can only be preaching to the converted.

I do hope the media buying does not let this great initiative down. Personally, I love the execution and it deserves to succeed!

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