Feel the fear and do it anyway

I know it’s the title of a book but the fact it’s been around for over 25 years, it clearly hits a universal mark.

When I was contemplating my move back to Yorkshire through the pre-Christmas viral haze, it seemed to be the scariest thing in the world. Nothing was certain, everything was up in the air and there was no visible means of support. To be honest, it was terrifying.

Things don’t always follow the plan, and delays or apparant roadblocks can seem insurrmountable. The key is to have your focus on the big picture. Plan A may well not happen but there are other ways to achieve that bigger goal. There are always other ways. Patience is also a virtue; it might feel right to leap to putting fingers to keyboards but knowing when to step away from the conversation is as important as knowing when to stick your oar in.

So here I am. In my room in Ingleton, treating my first patients and building my networks in a new area, from scratch without a parachute. It will work because I will make it work come hell or high water. So, Feel the Fear and do it Anyway!

Penygent dawn

This was the view early today, before sun up whilest walking the dog. Even in the twilight, I know jolly well why I’m here and living the dream.

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