Easter is a comin’

…but can you DO Easter without chocolate? Well yes you can, which if you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake must be welcome news.

kelly-sikkema-543215-unsplashThe key to Easter is eggs. It’s the symbol of a new beginning and a new life.  But they don’t have to be made from or filled with chocolate. Anyone remember colouring hard boiled eggs as a child? I do – if you are going for an Easter picnic that would certainly add an injection of colour. Forgotten how? Well you could try this method.

There are a whole host of customs associated with eggs at Easter – Project Britain has some interesting examples. How about holding an egg rolling competition?

You could bake a Simnel Cake (if you are making it yourself, you can control what goes into it, especially the sweetness). As with most traditions there are many variations across the country but as Mary Berry is the Queen of cakes you can find one of her versions here. If you really want to go sugar free you could start here.

anita-austvika-1175337-unsplash.jpgIf you must have chocolate, the best way to make it as low sugar as you can is to go as dark as you can. 85% cocoa solids chocolate from Lindt puts the sugar content down to 11%. (Milk chocolate could be  over 50% sugar.) Get melting and make your own treats with your favourite! Lakeland has some great gear to help.




If you’d rather not follow the food route to enjoyment, try your local craft shop for a wide range of eggy ideas to cross your path. If the weather decides to intervene and discourage outdoor actitivies, these could keep you amused indoors for hours.

However you choose to celebrate Easter, enjoy!

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