Can I? Will I?

I took part in the Settle Saunter today. 21.1kms of relatively low level trails and the first time in many years I’ve attempted that distance. but I wanted to prove that I can set a challenging goal and push on through to achieve it, come what may.

Most of my runs this year have been flat and accompanied by the puppy, which naturally curtails distances. I’ve done a 5k out-and-back up Fell Lane and Crina Bottom once. My one event was the Charlesworth about a month ago (should have gone for the 🍺 at the end – next time, eh). Safe to say, I was not trained for a hilly half in any way shape or form.

It turns out that the answer to the question is yes, I can. Now, that wasn’t really in question. I’ve spent many a long day in the hills and love it when,at the end of that long day, I can sit back with a drink and feel that joyously exhausted sensation. However, sometimes I need to reinforce that knowledge, reaffirm that belief. Not all life’s challenges are hill related, even if they are hill shaped.


It took me forever (just shy of 4hours) but I did it. I can, I will turned into I can, I did. The pie and peas on arrival were fantastic and tea – well that is always restorative. Now to deal with those other life challenges that are lining up.

PS No blisters and after a bit of a stretch session, not walking to badly either.

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