Have we missed the point?



If Mother Nature designed a system to manufacture cholesterol within the body, why are we so busy demonising it? MN doesnt get things that wrong.

Cholesterol is amazing – so amazing that you simply would not exist without it. Every cell in your body, whatever its role, is dependent on cholesterol to:

  • maintain cell membrane strength and integrity
  • fight infection
  • metabolise vitamin D
  • transport substances across the cell membrane (in and out)
  • communicate with other cells
  • transmit signals along and between nerves
  • metabolise steroid hormones
  • assist in repair of damaged tissue.

The list goes on.

The liver produces cholesterol for the body to use and it’s output is closesly monitored by the body’s homeostasis systems. It’s one of the systems that is so critical to body function that Mother Nature devised mechanisms to keep levels in the body under strict control.

If it wasn’t important, why do that?

If it is that important, why are we determined to reduce it’s presence in the body?

Are we looking at the right culprit?  Or are we missing the real point?

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